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Wouter van Leeuwen

Product Development Team Lead

"The BeNomic Star stems from Berg's years of development together with horticulture. We have stayed in tune with changing needs and that is why the BeNomic is our king."

Wouter van Leeuwen

Our king: the BeNomic Star

"The fact that you have the factory within walking distance from your desk at Berg is fantastic for a developer," Wouter says.
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From work planner to team leader

Wouter started at Berg 7 years ago as a Manufactering Engineer / Designer. That was more or less a double role and it has brought him a lot of knowledge about the way things work at Berg and what Berg does. It prepared him for his current position within the Product development team, which is Team Lead. The Product Development team is responsible for the development of the entire Berg portfolio, including the BeNomic Star.

Further development

Together with his team, Wouter works on the further development of the BeNomic Star. This includes mechanics, hydraulics and electrics. Wouter and his team also look at regulations and manufacturability. 'We all ensure that the product continues to be developed so that we can deliver a high-quality product to our customers, also towards the future," says Wouter.

"With the whole team we ensure that the BeNomic continues to be developed. So we can deliver a high-quality product to our customers, also towards the future."
Wouter van Leeuwen

Wouter sees the BeNomic Star as a product that has grown with Berg and the changes in horticulture. For example, over the past 50-60 years, greenhouses have become higher and higher. Therefore, after the two-scissor, the three- and four-scissors also came on the market. "In the future, it is important for the BeNomic Star to keep up with developments in horticulture," says Wouter. The nice thing at Berg, especially for a developer like Wouter, is working in a nice team. At Berg, he was given the opportunity and responsibility to take things on himself. The fact that you can walk straight from your desk into the factory at Berg is also super. That way, you can actually follow and monitor products you have designed and invented with the team through the production process. And that's great for a developer like Wouter.


"The BeNomic Star has grown with Berg and the changes in horticulture."

Why the BeNomic Star is our king? Our colleagues will tell you!

The BeNomic Star is our best-selling pipe rail trolley, and we are proud of it! We owe this success to the colleagues who have been working for years on the development of the pipe rail trolley. They will tell you why the BeNomic Star is the king of Berg Hortimotive.

Wouter van Leeuwen


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