Berg Hortimotive

Who we are

Worldwide, we see an increasing need for food and for increasing people's well-being. This leads to an increase and intensification of covered cultivation. In order to realize this to the maximum and in a sustainable manner, efficient logistic solutions in greenhouses and packaging areas are necessary that are increasingly data-driven. In this way, horticultural entrepreneurs are able to make an optimal contribution to the worldwide availability of food, to increase people's well-being and to get the most out of their business operations.

The history of Berg Hortimotive
Berg is known all over the world, originally for the innovative pipe rail trolleys, but people are increasingly finding the way to Berg for complete greenhouse horticulture logistics solutions. Berg is also involved at an early stage with new construction projects or with alterations to existing logistics systems. Naturally with the objective of effectuating optimal efficiency for clients.

Each project, or product delivery from Berg Hortimotive's extensive range starts, somewhere in the world, with an interview with the client by one of our dealers, resellers or turnkey builders from the worldwide network of Berg Hortimotive. They map the requirements precisely and, in collaboration, they translate these into an advice, a project request or an offer of a concrete product. After that, the Berg Hortimotive staff work on detailing the actual solution offered. Because we help greenhouse horticulture forwards!


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