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Less dirt accumulation on your machines

Improve your hygiene and clean easier and faster with Surface Coating


Less dirt accumulation on your machines


Less dirt accumulation on your machines

Pipe rail trolleys can get quite dirty during the growing season. This mainly involves adhesion of plant juice as the trolleys travel between the crop during crop operations such as twisting and picking. When your pipe rail trolley is treated with Surface Coating, a smooth layer forms on the frame, to which dirt is less likely to adhere. This prevents the spread of plant juices through the pipe rail trolleys and promotes overall hygiene in your greenhouse and benefits cultivation. In addition, the coating makes it easier and faster to clean the pipe rail trolley, which also saves time.

What exactly is Surface Coating?

Surface Coating is a ceramic coating based on patented technology. This unique ceramic coating is also called glass coating or liquid glass, because the coating has similar properties to glass. The product is ideally suited for application on pipe rail trolleys and spraying robots. Surface Coating is also an option on the Plantalyzer, our harvest forecasting robot. The uniqueness of Surface Coating is that it is suitable for an environment where food is handled (food safety) and its long lifespan.

Less dirt accumulation on your machines

Which machines are eligible for Surface Coating?

Surface Coating is an option on BeNomic pipe rail trolleys (Star series, Star PRO series), BeMatic spraying trolleys (Meto SW, Meto SWT and EasySpray) and the Plantalyzer.

Available through (inter)national dealer network

The machines with Surface Coating are exclusively available through the Berg Hortimotive (inter)national dealer network. .



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