Berg Hortimotive

Picking to packing

The product range
Based on more than 50 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture, Berg Hortimotive has developed a range of products for carrying out and optimising the entire greenhouse logistics. Whether this involves crop care, harvesting trolleys, transport or crop protection. Berg Hortimotive always has a high quality product. But it doesn't end there: new products are still being developed based on new needs and using the latest techniques. 

Service partners
Berg Hortimotive is very well aware that its work is not done once a project or a product has been delivered, but that this is really just the start. Because from then on we continue to work together with you. Training, support, maintenance and service is then needed to keep things running optimally and permanently. Our service partners are indispensable in this respect. We have established a worldwide network of service partners. You will find your service partner here.

At Kwekerij van Adrichem we have been allowed to record a film where the whole process of picking to packing comes into the picture.
Click here if you want to see the movie.

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