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Spotlight: Fan Benomic Star

Today, we would like to highlight the Fan of the aftermarket Ergonomics package for the Benomic Star pipe rail trolley. 


Spotlight: Fan Benomic Star

In Summertime it can be really hot in the greenhouse. To make the work on the Benomic Star piperail trolley more convenient during hot days, it is now possible to add a fan to the trolley. The fan has two speeds, low and high and it swivels in various directions. The fan is made of high quality powder coated steel and is easy to mount on your Benomic Star. The fan needs to be connected via a USB-outlet, which is also part of the aftermarket Ergonomics package. Happy employees guaranteed.

More information? Click here.

It’s wise to think whether this package fits into your current hygiene policy.

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