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Progressive, with focus and serious ambition"

Berg Hortimotive wants to continue to distinguish itself with products that add value to greenhouse horticulture. The joint step which was made with Royal Brinkman in 2018, helps to improve the further internationalization and increase of scalability in the activities. Under the leadership of a new managing director, smart logistics developments in the field of data and digitization will be further shaped in the coming years, while naturally retaining one's own identity.

The current directors Bas Lagerwerf and Nico Bikker have announced this. Berg Hortimotive is a global supplier of internal logistics for the greenhouse. Berg Hortimotive develops and produces pipe rail trolleys, spray robots and other transport-related products for greenhouse horticulture. Moreover, with a dedicated team and in collaboration with service partners all over the world, we are working hard to make our products even smarter, according to Lagerwerf and Bikker. “As a company we want to contribute to solving the global food problem and so we ask ourselves every day how we can respond to this with our products. We do this by making safe and beautiful machines, but also by making big data smaller and more useful for growers. We want to enable growers to collect information from the greenhouse with our products and to make it applicable within business operations," Bikker tells us.

Vision and ambition

The Plantalyzer is the first result. This robot automatically measures the tomatoes in the greenhouse while they are not yet harvested and therefore still attached to the plant. With the Plantalyzer, the grower receives objectively established information about the quantity and ripeness status of the product. HortiKey, a 100 percent subsidiary of Berg Hortimotive, uses this data to expand the system to an accurate harvest prognosis. "We are happy that we had the vision and the courage to invest in innovation at an early stage," says Lagerwerf. "As a result, we are now able to add more value to logistics solutions and we, as an organization, have grown considerably in recent years."

New director

These and other developments led to increasing interest at, among others, Royal Brinkman at the time, resulting in the acquisition in 2018. This gave Berg Hortimotive access to new countries and opportunities to grow further in the coming years and to become even more distinctive in the market with preserving one's own identity, "says Lagerwerf. He has decided to take a step back. A new Managing Director will be appointed in the short term. Bas Lagerwerf and Nico Bikker will remain involved for special projects in the organization, based on a more advisory role. “The challenge for the coming years will be the development of new concepts and the further optimization of use and deployability, with the client as starting point.

Berg Hortimotive is and remains ambitious and still has the best years coming up! ”

Source: HortiBiz

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