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Participation Princes-Festival by HortiKey & Berg Hortimotive

In the run-up to Budget Day *, the so-called "Princes-Festival" took place from 10 to 17 September. The guest province was South Holland's strategic partner for this festival.  
* Budget Day is traditionally named Princes-Day in the Netherlands

The following statement could be read on their website:

The province of Zuid-Holland cannot be summarized in one word and that is exactly where the strength of the province lies. With 3.6 million inhabitants, South Holland is the most densely populated province in the Netherlands. In addition, South Holland has beautiful nature reserves, lots of water, a beautiful coastline, rural area ‘the Green Heart’ and a very diverse innovative economy.

The presence of knowledge, culture, nature, cities, business, water and sports make the province not only versatile, but also complete!

Various themes were addressed for the festival, including the world-famous horticultural sector.

HortiKey and Berg Hortimotive were asked by branche-connector Maurice Wubben to supply some of their products and innovations available for use in a "Greenhouse on the Square".

The greenhouse was located on the Square, which is next to the Parliamentary court.

Machines in ‘Greenhouse on the Square’:

HortiKey’s Plantalyzer which uses Big-Data to provide the grower with a dashboard on which he can rely to manage the Greenhouse. Berg Hortimotive delivered their innovative Benomic S-Line.

More information about these machines can be found on the websites:

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