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Now € 1000,- discount on the Meto spray robot

You want better efficiency in your greenhouse, don't you? To achieve that, you need reliable equipment that will permanently reduce the amount of labour required, ensure that fewer resources are used and enable you to grow more effectively.

Now € 1000,- discount on the Meto spray robot

If you are looking for this, Berg Hortimotive is the right address for you. Berg Hortimotive's strength lies in the simplicity and efficiency of its cultivation operations, ensuring optimum crop yields and returns.

Via this mailing we would like to inform you about an upcoming promotion of one of our most popular products: the Meto spray robot. 

One of our top products that has proven its worth is the Meto spray robot.
It is now available at a very attractive price thanks to the extra € 1000,- discount we are offering you.*

The Meto spray robot has a number of important advantages:
- Uniform spray quality;
- Reliable & flexible system;
- User-friendly operation;
- Suitable for intensive use.

Order the Meto spray robot now, so that you can experience the advantages in the new growing season.

For more information and orders, send an e-mail to  or contact one of our dealers.

*This promotion applies to orders from 1 September to 31 October 2021.

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