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Introduction Benomic S-Line

Benomic S-line series of mobile scissor lifts for tomato cultivation
TüV approved, ergonomic and flexible

 In response to new directives and regulations in the field of safety, Berg Hortimotive (De Lier, NL) has completely re-engineered its Benomic range of mobile scissor lifts. The result is the ergonomic S-line series: approved by the TüV, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology to make it as efficient, easy and comfortable as possible in its day to day use. The redesigned scissor mechanism enables safe working at up to 6.6 m high.

Introduction Benomic S-Line

With the new Benomic S-Line series, Berg Hortimotive introduces an ergonomic, robust and flexible mobile scissor lift for the cultivation and care of tomato plants (training, pruning and pinching). The new series is based on the proven and popular Benomic scissor lifts, but with various improvements and modifications. For example, a completely new scissor mechanism has been developed, which distributes the forces optimally for greater stability and reduced wear.


A striking feature of the new scissor lifts is their ergonomic design, ensuring that employees can work at height in safety and comfort. For example, the platform now has an extra safety rail, and the descent speed is ensure a soft landing. This reduces the risk of neck and back injury while descending.

 The compact, sturdy platform is accessible from both ends, so that employees always have a clear route to enter or leave the mobile lift, regardless of how it is positioned on the concrete path. Moreover, the access gates are designed to always close automatically, and strictly within the extents of the 191 cm long chassis. The platform handrails are suitable for safe mounting of accessories, such as crates and a tool box.

 Control panel

The mobile scissor lift is operated using the modern control panel. The user has controls to raise or lower the platform and set the horizontal speed and direction, a ‘turbo button’ to boost the horizontal speed in both directions to a maximum of 110 m/min, and of course an emergency stop button. The turbo button only takes effect when the platform is fully lowered. The status LED indicates when the scissor lift is ready for use, switched off, or in an error state.

 Lastly, the control panel provides a USB port for charging a mobile phone or to power a fan. Both a 12 and 24 V power socket are also available.


The Benomic S-Line mobile scissor lifts are surprisingly easy to maintain. All service parts are accessible directly from above, and the lift is designed to prevent contamination by falling leaves, cuttings, etc. What’s more, the scissor mechanism of the different variants is built from the same parts, so the user only needs to hold a limited number of spare parts.


The Benomix S-Line series comprises three variants capable of lifting to heights of 3.5, 5.0 and 6.6 m. The safety system of the two higher variants requires the user to deploy the outriggers to stabilize the lift when raising the platform higher than 3.5 metres.

 All versions are only available through the (inter)national dealer network of Berg Hortimotive.


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