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Increasing efficiency for Australian tomato growers

The retractable roof tomato greenhouse of LaManna Premier Group, located in Victoria’s Goulbourn Valley becomes more and more efficient. Last year the crop rotation was completed in the blink of an eye with the use of the Bio Chopper, and now the greenhouse is also equipped with pipe and rail, crop trolleys and automatic sprayers.

Improved results
“In season one we operated tire driven trolleys for all of our crop work, this was quite time-consuming. With the inclusion of the pipe and rail we are seeing improved results”, says head grower Lian Price, who just received the ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ at PCA Conference 2019.

 More efficient
During the installation, the flexible character of the Cravo came in handy. “The entire project was assembled outside of the Cravo, because there was a 10-week-old crop in at that time. Each rail was slid through the open side of the Cravo.” The project was completed with some automatic sprayers. “The Meto spray robots running on pipe have reduced our spray times by 50 %. Additionally, the ability to run Berg Benomics on the pipes has made us more efficient by around 20%.”  

Big call for automation
Royal Brinkman has operated in the Australian market for three years. “There is a big call for automation in the Australian market mainly due to the high price of labour, it is one of the biggest budgeting factors across all horticultural fields. The market is shifting towards a scale-driven economy relying more on machines and automation to increase safety, reduce crop rotation times and improve overall efficiency. To us Automation is key to being able to streamline the plant work, the increased efficiency allows us to hone in on the finest details and get the absolute best results for our customers”, says Matthew Dent of Royal Brinkman.

 Effective and reliable
“We choose Royal Brinkman as a supplier because their equipment is effective and reliable. Royal Brinkman’s customer support and back up when it comes to fixing any issues or faults with equipment, has been quick and accurate so far, so we felt comfortable with our decision” said Lian.

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