Berg Hortimotive

Impression GreenTech 2019

Exibition impression of Berg Hortimotive at the Greentech 2019.

Greentech brings you to the heart of the horticulture industry.
During this exhibition we presented the new scissor lift Benomic S-line and the Plantalyzer.

The Benomic S-Line mobile scissor lift is specially developed for the cultivation and care of high-wire crops, with the tallest model extending to a height of 6.6 m. The modern engine combined with new battery pack gives a two times greater action radius less loading and less maintenance. 

The Plantalyzer is a unique tool for accurately estimating vine tomato crops. It counts the supply of vine tomatoes on the plant in the greenhouse and provides reliable information for an accurate estimate of the harvest. The system is developed in close collaboration with Wageningen University & Research (UR)

Berg Hortimotive; Horticulture driven by Dutch experience



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