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Book launch 'Kan niet, moet toch! '

In the book Kan niet, moet toch! Jaap Zegwaard and Arie van den Berg, among others, look back one last time at their time as growers and inventors of innovative systems and products in greenhouse horticulture.

Book launch

This is not just a book about the pipe rail system that has become an integral part of our wonderful sector. It is also a book about the power and necessity of innovation in the Westland horticultural sector. A quality which, fortunately, Westland has mastered to a large extent, as you can read in this book. Kan niet, moet toch! is interesting for readers active in horticulture, but also for the proud habitants of Westland!

Yesterday evening, the book launch took place in Tomatoworld. Fred Louter, congratulations on the launch of this great book and thanks for the great interviews with Arie van den Berg, founder of Berg Hortimotive and the pipe rail trolley and our colleague Sjef Loomans. We are proud! 

Are you interested in this wonderful book? You can find the sales outlets here.

Click here for the photo report.

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