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Leo de Jong

Technical Engineer

"We make a very solid trolley according to the customer's wishes. And that orange colour makes it extra royal!"

Leo de Jong

Our king: the BeNomic Star

"We started in a small company and have grown into a multimillion-dollar business. I am proud to have been able to contribute to that!" tells Leo.
Curious about his entire story? Watch the video.

The emergence of the BeNomic Star

This year, Leo de Jong will have been with Berg for 40 (!) years. Together with founder Arie van den Berg, he stood at the cradle of the first electronic pipe rail trolley, the forerunner of today's BeNomic Star. Leo started at Berg as a grower/mechanic. In the mornings, they first picked tomatoes, because back then, they were not very busy making pipe rail trolleys. Together with Arie van den Berg and one other colleague, they divided the work. There was a division of roles. Arie van den Berg, also known as the Gyro Gearloose of De Lier, had a solution for every grower's question. While Arie van den Berg took care of the electrical part, the construction part was in Leo's hands. Arie and Leo continued to develop the pipe rail trolley in response to market demands, which eventually became the basis of the BeNomic Star. For him, this pipe rail trolley is the king of Berg Hortimotive, because it is a very solid trolley, made to the customer's wishes. "And that orange colour makes it extra royal", Leo tells. 

Leo de Jong

The development of the BeNomic Star

Leo's current position is assembly employee, where he mainly assembles the BeMatic spraying robots and the BeMotion harvesting and transport solutions. Leo's knowledge in the field of the pipe rail trolley's further development is still regularly consulted, his colleagues always know where to find him. "I see my contribution in the further development of the pipe rail trolley in the evolution from a pipe rail trolley without a step, to a trolley with crate on it and from a hand scissor to a hydraulic scissor, to the BeNomic Star as it is today," says a proud Leo. "It is important to keep listening carefully to our customers". Leo thinks that in the future, the buttons on the machines will disappear and you will use an app on your phone to control the various machines, including the pipe rail trolley. 

"It is important to keep listening carefully to our customers."

What Leo likes best about his almost 40 years of service is that he started in a nerdy little company, which has now grown into a multi-million business. "I am proud to have been able to contribute to that," says Leo.

Leo de Jong

Why the BeNomic Star is our king? Our colleagues will tell you!

The BeNomic Star is our best-selling pipe rail trolley, and we are proud of it! We owe this success to the colleagues who have been working for years on the development of the pipe rail trolley. They will tell you why the BeNomic Star is the king of Berg Hortimotive.

Leo de Jong


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