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Jeroen Gerritse

Product Developer

"The BeNomic Star is the main product of Berg and therefore the king of all our products."

Jeroen Gerritse

Our king: the BeNomic Star

"I've had my hands on all products, helping to further develop them, and therefore I have been directly involved," says Jeroen.
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Continued development of the BeNomic Star

Jeroen started working at Berg as a student. Since then, he has held various positions and has now been working in the Product Development department for some time. Within Berg, he deals with the further development of the BeNomic Star. His very first job was in the electrical department, where he helped making the very first pipe rail trolleys. Jeroen has enjoyed working for Berg for more than 32 years now and has seen the further development of just about every product in the portfolio. That makes him proud. 

Development in three phases

"The development of the pipe rail trolleys consists of three phases. It starts with an idea, then we design and develop it. Then we make a calculation, which is always checked by a second, external party. Finally, we perform very extensive endurance tests on our products to see if they can last a lifetime," says Jeroen. 

"We perform very extensive endurance tests to see if our products can last a lifetime."
Jeroen Gerritse

Jeroen's contribution to the further development of the pipe rail trolleys is significant and Jeroen has actually been involved from the very beginning. From the single scissor, to now the two, three, and four scissors. "Quality is a very high priority for us at Berg. Not only ourselves, but especially our customers must be able to rely on our products. By continuously developing and innovating, the quality remains good," says a proud Jeroen. Horticulture is always evolving and the pipe rail trolley, our king, will continue to play an important role in the coming years. Our goal is to keep it in line with the market's needs and to unburden the grower.


"Our goal is to keep the BeNomic Star in line with the market's needs and to unburden the grower."

Why the BeNomic Star is our king? Our colleagues will tell you!

The BeNomic Star is our best-selling pipe rail trolley, and we are proud of it! We owe this success to the colleagues who have been working for years on the development of the pipe rail trolley. They will tell you why the BeNomic Star is the king of Berg Hortimotive.

Jeroen Gerritse


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