Berg Hortimotive


The PepperShuttle combines a harvest container and a scissor lift trolley.
This enables you to use the container for the harvest and the Benomic scissor lift trolley for lifting the harvest container but also for normal crop work.
This means that you need fewer scissor lift trolleys and you will always have one at your disposal, even when the harvest is being transported to the packaging area.Transport to the packaging area is done by connecting the shuttles to each other and then to a BeTrac.

Three basic articles ensure a clear and well-maintained system.

Container; Easily accessible components and proven technology ensure simple and minimal maintenance.

Benomic scissor lift trolley; A double control panel and foot pedal ensure easy control independently of the direction of travel.

Shuttle; Easily accessible components and proven technology ensure simple and minimal maintenance. Pull the shuttle over the Benomic scissor lift trolley 
when having to harvest at height. 

Technical specifications PepperShuttle
Length [cm]260
Width [cm]Hoh + 41
Weight [kg]135
Carrying capacity [kg]450
Lifting height [cm]350
Track width [cm]42 - 80
Pipe size [mm]45 - 51
Running speed on the pipe [m/min]60
Traction batteries [V/Ah]24/159 (20h)
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