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BeMotion BeTrac

With the BeTrac electric tractors, harvesting trolleys can be driven from the greenhouse to the processing area both manually and unmanned. The BeTrac electric tractor is very user-friendly. Its compact design makes the electric tractor extremely maneuverable. The BeTrac is equipped with induction technology for both automatic as manual transport. The BeTrac Man 2 and BeTrac Man 4 for manual transport. A suitable solution for every situation!

Customized route
The BeTrac drives by induction. Berg Hortimotive has its own induction specialists in-house to design and lay all possible induction routes between the greenhouse and the shed. By drilling in sensors, you can also add points to the route, allowing the BeTracs to stop, slow down or speed up, for example. A tailor-made route.

Benefits of internal transport
The BeTrac, in combination with Berg Hortimotive's intelligent induction system, offers a number of advantages for your internal transport. Due to the continuity towards the packaging and processing systems, there is always enough product available in the packaging hall. This prevents high peaks in the greenhouse and processing area and provides peace of mind. 

Advantages BeTrac 

- Automatic and manual internal transport
- Labor saving
- High quality of the harvested product
- Remote service
- Small turning radius
- User-friendly
- Peace and quiet in the greenhouse and processing area

We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Spare parts
Are you looking for spare parts for your BeTrac Electric tow tractor? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.

  • Technical specifications
    BeTrac Electric tow tractor
     BeTrac1 AGVBeTrac2 ManualBeTrac4 Manual
    Length [cm]147150160
    Width [cm]689090
    Height [cm]147120130 
    Drive motor [kW]1,223,5 
    Towing capacity [kg]235025004000
    Speed unloaded [km/h]3,6/12* 12 14 
    Speed loaded [km/h]3,6/6* 
    Weight [kg]375 550700
    Batteries [V/Ah]24/18024/25024/325
    Tires (black)solidairair

    *depending on the operating method

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