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Benomic AGV

The abbreviation AGV stands for Automatic guided vehicle. This means that this harvesting trolley transports the harvest fully automatically.

The AGV chassis is virtually standard for any crop. You can choose from various options, depending on the application, such as a harvesting rack, a container, hydraulic scissors or a combination of these options.

Induction technology
By using induction technology and cables cut into the floor, the AGV harvesting trolley knows exactly which route it should take. If you bore sensors, you can also add points to the route for programmed actions. For example, when stopping, decelerating or accelerating the harvesting trolleys.
Intersections, passing places and branches to different departments are also an option.

Small turning circle
The BENOMIC AGV steers with just one wheel, directly under the trolley. This makes an extremely small turning circle possible, providing many advantages on the concrete path and in the work area.

Traction battery
The AGV harvesting trolley drive uses a traction battery. This means that the AGV harvesting trolleys can be used without any problems for many hours. A built-in battery charger is optional.

Technical specifications

Benomic AGV
Trolley length267 cm
Trolley width h.o.h. + 25 cm
Harvesting rack length242 cm
Harvesting rack width45 cm
Min. harvesting rack height83 cm
Height with harvesting rack159 - 187 cm
Carrying capacity320 kg
Weight380 kg
Running speed on the pipe 55 m/min
Running speed on the concrete path100 m/min
Traction batteries12V / 120Ah / 5h, 159Ah / 20h


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