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Bell pepper AGV

Berg Hortimotive has developed the Benomic AGV especially for sweet pepper cultivation.

Induction technology
By using induction technology, the Paprika AGV is able to drive fully automatically to and from the processing area. By drilling 'Tags' into the concrete path, you can also add points to the route for programmed actions. For example, 'stop', 'slow down' or 'speed up' the harvesting vehicles.
Crossroads, passages and junctions to different departments are also possible.

How does it work?

  • For the harvesting of peppers, the pepper AGVs are equipped with a container so that they can be harvested by hand at the right height. The wagons are sent from the processing area to the greenhouse.
  • The harvester places the trolley on the pipe rail, after which harvesting can be started. The driving speed can be set and, if required, the cruise control function can be set to drive automatically.
  • When the harvesting container is full, the trolley is automatically sent to the processing area via the induction path in the concrete path. The harvester picks up the next harvest wagon and can continue picking.
  • In the barn, the container is emptied into the sorting system and the empty container is automatically placed back on the pepper AGV trolley.
  • At the end of the day, the sweet pepper AGV's can be directed automatically to a loading or parking area.
    There are several possibilities to harvest and unload the peppers. Our experts will be happy to tell you more.

Spare parts
Are you looking for spare parts for your Berg Hortimotive equipment? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.


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