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BeMotion AGV Pepper

BeMotion AGV Pepper
The best solution to automatically transport your pepper harvest from the greenhouse to the packing hall. By deploying the Berg Hortimotive AGV Pepper harvesting trolley, you will save on labor, improve the quality of the harvested product and increase the continuity and speed of the logistic process in the greenhouse and processing area.

Ergonomic harvesting
The AGV harvesting trolley can be used for high and low harvesting of peppers. The first peppers can be harvested while walking, with the AGV slowly and automatically following the harvester. Further into the season, harvesting is done from the platform. The platform is adjustable to four positions, so that the harvester is always at the right height, which improves ergonomics and makes the trolley very user-friendly and safe.

Customized route
The Paprika AGV drives via induction. Berg Hortimotive has its own induction specialists in-house to design and lay all the necessary induction routes between the greenhouse and the packing hall. In addition, by drilling in sensors, you can add points to the route that allow the harvesting trolleys to stop, slow down or speed up, for example. A tailor-made route.

Visualization software
If required, one or more trolleys can be controlled via a central controller with visualization software so that you always know where your AGV trolleys are.

Small turning radius
The AGV Pepper is equipped with mid-wheel drive. This enables an extremely small turning radius, which gives an advantage on the concrete path and in the working area.

Efficient logistics solution
By means of induction technology, the Pepper AGV drives unmanned from the greenhouse to an unloading unit, allowing the harvesting containers to be unloaded without any human intervention.

Advantages Bell pepper AGV

- Significant labor savings
- Higher quality of the harvested product
- Dosed arrival at processing and packing machine
- Also suitable for more complex runs
- Small turning radius
- Remote service
- Track&trace system
- Can be linked to path registration and ERP systems

We will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Spare parts
Are you looking for spare parts for your Berg Hortimotive equipment? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.


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