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The harvesting phase is crucial at many greenhouse horticulture companies. Fast action is required in order to anticipate the wishes of your customers. And what about the efficiency? Berg Hortimotive knows what to do.

Vegetables, flowers or pot plants: the shorter the route from A to B, the better it is for your business operations and for harvest quality. You get customised advice from Berg Hortimotive. Our systems are not the starting point, but your way of working is. We actively contribute ideas in this phase, thus laying the foundation for more return in your business operations.

The ideal solution always comes first. Whether it concerns one manually operated transport trolley or a complete induction system. Trolleys and containers are extremely adaptable. This means that we are able to guarantee crop customisation. And thus guarantee a higher return on investment per company.

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Harvesting and transportation solution for the bell peppers. A combination of a Benomic scissor lift, container and shuttle makes the total PepperShuttle system.

Benomic AGV

This harvesting trolley transports the harvest autonomously and automatically. Various different programmed actions are possible.

BeTrac Electric tow tractor

A reliable, strong electric tow tractor, which can be used with manual control or unmanned to run the harvesting trolley from the greenhouse to the processing area and back.

Transport trolleys

The transport trolleys are mostly used as a basis for the various options for the different crops. They are available in many different versions and lengths.

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