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Tomato harvest AGV

The abbreviation AVG stands for Automatic guided vehicle. The choice for an AGV or a standard harvesting trolley depends on many factors. If you would like to know which is the best choice, then make an appointment so that we can give you appropriate advice.

The AGV chassis is virtually standard for any crop. The type of harvesting rack chosen depends on the application and crop.

Automatic harvesting trolleys are not new to Berg Hortimotive. These trolleys have been part of our permanent delivery programme for nearly 10 years now.

Induction technology
However, the Benomic AGV has been completely redesigned. The most striking change is the induction technology. The previous generation of harvesting trolleys found their way to the work area by means of a vane/groove system.

The Benomic AGV finds its way using induction technology. A cable is cut into the path. The AGV is equipped with a steering wheel fitted with an induction sensor.

When running, the steering wheel follows the cable in the path and takes the trolley to the right position. This technique offers us many more possibilities than before.
You can cut different cables into the path to create any route you like, and you can bore sensors into the path to stop, decelerate or accelerate the AGV as required. Intersections, passing places and branches to different departments are also an option. Path registration systems can be combined with the Benomic AGV.

Steering wheel
The Benomic AGV steers with one wheel, directly under the trolley. This, in combination with the differential on the driven wheels, makes an extremely small turning circle possible, giving many advantages on the concrete path and in the work area.

Smooth exterior
This makes the trolley easy to clean and to keep clean. There are no bolts, edges, corners or holes where dirt can accumulate or hook onto. Also, your crops do not suffer any more damage from sharp corners or edges.

Labour saving
The Benomic AGV harvesting system saves a significant amount of labour. The driven trolley saves the harvester a lot of work and increases productivity. It also creates optimal continuity at the packaging line.

Simplicity / maintenance
This maintenance-friendly trolley is ideally suited for service and maintenance because many important components are housed under one single cover plate.

Drive gear
The Benomic AGV is fitted with the familiar differential and drive motor, with which Berg Hortimotive now has years of good experience. Using a differential distributes the motor power optimally over both drive wheels. It is also highly efficient.

Technical specifications

Benomic AGV
Trolley length [cm]267
Trolley width [cm]c.t.c. + 25 
Harvesting rack length [cm]242 
Harvesting rack width [cm]45
Min. harvesting rack height [cm]83 
Height with harvesting rack [cm]159 - 187 
Carrying capacity [kg]320
Weight [kg]380
Running speed on the pipe [m/min]60
Running speed on the concrete path [m/min]100
Traction batteries [V/Ah]24/130

Rotary switches make the controls clear and easy.

Motor control
No more circuit boards, but a compact, electronic drive control ensures optimal control in the entire range, from a crawl to the maximum speed of the motor.

You can raise the trolley with just one press on the button, no longer sideways, but straight forwards. Various different lifting wheels are possible:

  • four rigid castors
  • two swivelling wheels and two rigid castors
  • central wheels

Sliding rack
The sliding rack has been redesigned and is suitable for all common types of container and automation.

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