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Bell pepper - AGV

Berg Hortimotive has the Benomic AGV specially developed for bell peppers.

Induction technology
By using induction technology and cables cut into the floor, the AGV harvesting trolley knows exactly which route it should take. If you bore sensors, you can also add points to the route for programmed actions. For example, when stopping, decelerating or accelerating the harvesting trolleys.
Intersections, passing places and branches to different departments are also an option.

How does it work?

  • The trolleys are equipped with a container for harvesting bell peppers. The trolleys are sent from the processing area to the cultivation space.
  • The harvester subsequently puts the trolley on the pipe rail, which then uses sensor technology to run fully automatically at the right speed along the pipe rail, so that the harvester can concentrate fully on picking the bell peppers.
  • Of course, you can also opt to move the trolley manually, by means of push brackets.
  • When the harvest container is full, the trolley is sent via the concrete path to the processing area fully automatically. The harvester takes the next harvesting trolley and can continue picking.
  • In the shed, the container is emptied onto a buffer belt and the empty container is automatically replaced onto the trolley.
  • You can also opt to leave the bell peppers in the container and to buffer the whole container in a container buffering system.
  • After unloading the full container, the trolley receives a new, empty container. After this process, the harvesting trolley proceeds (empty) to the cultivation space and so is available to the harvesters. The entire cycle is repeated.
  • At the end of the day, the harvesting trolleys are sent automatically to a loading or parking place.

There are various different options for harvesting and unloading bell peppers. Our experts will be pleased to tell you more.

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