Berg Hortimotive

AGV Transporter

The AGV Transporter is an autonomous harvesting trolley for cut flowers and fruit vegetable crops. Depending on your situation, you can opt for a top rack for placing containers or a rack which is suitable for vases. The latter can also be delivered rotatable. The rack has a space underneath for a second grading.

Induction technology
By using induction technology and cables cut into the floor, the AGV Transporter knows exactly which route it should take. If you bore sensors, you can also add points to the route for programmed actions. For example, when stopping, decelerating or accelerating.

Also, a route can be laid in the processing area with buffer positions for different gradings or colours. All fully automatic!

The AGV Transporter can be customised depending on your pipe rail system. The existing clearance between the crop and the cultivation gutters is leading.

The trolley is fitted with a harvesting rack which is suitable for your situation. Vases, containers or a tiltable or shared auction container.

Technical specifications
The technical specifications are different for each application and are therefore available on request.

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