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BeMatic Meto SWT

The Meto SWT spraying robot allows you to spray spot by spot. The touchscreen control panel is user-friendly. With the built-in tank and pump, feed hoses on the concrete path are no longer necessary, which keeps the way clear for other transport in the greenhouse. The large action radius ensures ease of use and efficiency. The galvanized chassis and stainless steel plating guarantees a worry-free and durable use.

The use of spraying equipment is essential for protecting your crop from pests and diseases. By using our spraying equipment, you can prevent crop damage.

Advantages BeMatic Meto SWT

  • Especially developed to spray spot by spot.
  • Equipped with stainless steel covers and a galvanised frame.
  • Long battery range.
  • The tank contains a stirring/mixing function.
  • User-friendly; touchscreen in 7 languages available.
  • It drives 110 meters/minute, it can drive both forwards and backwards at variable speeds.

Available with Surface Coating
This machine can be treated with Surface Coating. The coating reduces dirt adhesion on machines. It can be applied after assembly. This not only saves labour, but also keeps machines cleaner. Click here for more information on Surface Coating.

Spare parts
Are you looking for spare parts for your BeMatic Meto SWT spray robot? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.

  • Technical specifications
    Meto SWT 
    Length [cm]240.8
    Width [cm]c/c + 27
    Height [cm]141.9
    Capacity [ltr]275
    Motor power [kW]0.45
    Weight (empty) [kg]690
    Max. speed [m/min]110
    Batteries [V/Ah]24/360
    Rail width [cm]50 - 80
    Pipe size [mm]51

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