Berg Hortimotive


The MetoSWT has been specially developed for local spraying without any hoses laying over the concrete path. This keeps the main aisle free for other activities. You can use the touchscreen for spray settings, but also for displaying the most important measurement values. The spray robot is equipped with two spray booms, which can be separately controlled. One spray boom directed at the crop and the other on the gable end wall. This setup gives your crops optimal protection. The MetoSWT is fitted with a 300 litre tank. The innovative undercarriage ensures a constant weight distribution on the pipe rail system.

- Easy to fill tank and clear indication of the amount of liquid 
- The stainless steel sheeting provides good protection against the different spraying agents and a long service life. 
- The touchscreen control can be set intuitively for pressure, speed, start and stop for local spraying and stop distance for end of path. 
- The innovative spray boom setting provides fast and simple height adjustment.

Technical specifications
Meto SWT 
Length235 cm
WidthHOH + 27 cm
Height140 cm
Capacity300 Ltr
Motor power0.45 kW
Weight (empty)595 kg
Max. speed110 m/min
Traction batteries24V/360Ah
Rail width50 - 60 cm
Pipe size45 & 51 mm
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