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BeMatic Meto Trans

The BeMatic Meto Trans is designed to automatically move the Meto SW spraying robot from path to path. By combining the Meto Trans with the Meto SW spray robot, you no longer need to be present in the greenhouse during spraying. This means that crop spraying is fully automatic and this work can also be carried out at night if desired.

The touchscreen control panel, is similar to the user-friendly control panel of the Meto SW.

A hose reel is mounted on the Meto Trans to be connected to a high-pressure line or tanker truck with pump. The Meto Trans's hose will automatically wind and unwind as the unit travels on the concrete pad.

The Meto Trans can be equipped with a fault alarm or SMS alarm, linked to your alarm system or mobile phone.

The use of spraying equipment is essential for protecting your crop from pests and diseases. By using our spraying equipment, you can prevent crop damage.

Advantages BeMatic Meto Trans

- Especially designed for moving the Meto SW fully automatically from path to path.
- Labour saving, you do not need to be present during the process.
- Flexibility, for example, it is possible to skip one or more paths.
- User-friendly; touchscreen in 7 languages available.
- Employees do not come into contact with the sprayed crop.

Spare parts
Are you looking for spare parts for your BeMatic Meto Trans? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.

  • Technical specifications
    BeMatic Meto Trans 
    Trolley length [cm]180
    Trolley width  [cm]situation-specific
    Trolley hight [cm]225
    Max. hose pressure [bar]40 
    Weight [kg]450 
    Hose length max [mtr]200 mtr 1/2"
    Motor power [kW]0.37
    Max speed [m/min]25
    Tension and traction battery [V/Ah]24/120 (5h), 24/159 (20h)
    Track widths [cm]c.t.c. 42 - 80
    Languages touch screenNE/ EN/ D/ FR/ ES/ PL

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