Berg Hortimotive


An electronic control allows the drum to turn freely, making it easy to unwind the hose. Winding up is done with one press on the button
of a remote control. The speed with which the hose winds up can be set with an electric adjustment on the control panel. The
setting is made so that the reel winds up constantly over the entire winding length.

Because of the automatic turn-off, the MetoSWR will automatically stop winding up. Thanks to the three pneumatic tyres,
it is easy to move the reel independently of the surface.

Technical specifications for the MetoSWR hose reel

TypeUnit7251.35.7xxx / mounted reel7252.35.7xxx / pneumatic tyres
System voltage[V]230230
Max. system pressure 1/2-3/4"[bar]200200
Max. system pressure 1"[bar]1010
Min. winding speed[m/min]1010
Max. winding speed[m/min]5050
Max. hose length 1/2"[m]150130
Max. hose length 3/4"[m]7575
Max. hose length 1"[m]5050
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