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BRW 150 Spray trolley

The 150 cm pipe rail trolley is a classic, which is still used for many applications.

The trolley is 150 cm long and has two work platforms with heights of 20 cm and 50 cm. The control post can be adjusted for heights from 195 cm to 250 cm. The reason for this is the option of mounting manually adjustable scissors.

The electronic motor control regulates the speed linearly between 0-40 metres per minute. That means that you also have enough power at a relatively low speed. The 24V/110Ah traction batteries provide the trolley with the required power for a very long time.

Moving sideways
This trolley can be moved sideways using a manual lifter. The four lifting wheels ensure that the trolley can move smoothly to the next path.

Spray trolley
The trolley can be fitted with various mounted reels and spray booms.

Technical specifications

BRW 150 Spray Trolley
Trolley length [cm]150 
Trolley width [cm]c.t.c. + 14 
Pipe rail system c to c [cm]42 - 60 
Platform width [cm]42 
Min. platform height [cm]20 
Max. platform height [cm]230
Motor power [kW]0.37
Weight [kg]110
Max. speed spray trolley [m/min]70
Traction batteries [V/Ah]24/120 (5h), 24/159 (20h)
Control post height [cm]variable 195 tot 250


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