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BeNomic Star 300

The BeNomic Star 300 is our best-selling pipe rail trolley. Thousands of BeNomic Star pipe rail trolleys are driving around in greenhouses worldwide, to everyone's satisfaction.

The BeNomic Star 300 is made to carry out harvesting and care work on your crop at the right level with a maximum working height of 300 cm. With the BeNomic Star 300 it is possible to drive over the concrete path at height, which saves time and energy. The BeNomic Star 300 consists of A-quality components, which benefits the lifespan of the machine. Take, for instance, the high-quality powder coating that prevents corrosion. Or the enclosed structure that prevent dirt from accumulating and minimises the development of viruses.  Add to this the improved range (which means you need to charge less) and the double entrance with automatically closing doors, and you will find the BeNomic Star to be a great pipe rail trolley. 

Available with Surface Coating (optional)
On this machine, a so-called Surface Coating is optional. The coating, which can be applied after assembly, reduces dirt adhesion on machines. This not only saves labour, but also keeps machines cleaner. Click here for more information on Surface Coating.

This pipe rail trolley has been optimized in 2022. The optimization is among others in the area of transport; costs are saved because the trolleys are stackable and more of them can be put in a container, for example.

Concerned about the service aspect? No worry, service is always nearby, because of our parent company Royal Brinkman.

By the way; did you know that Berg Hortimotive was one of the founders of the pipe rail trolley?

Advantages of the BeNomic Star 300 pipe rail trolley

- With proper maintenance, the BeNomic Star 300 will easily last for decades, making it a sustainable investment.
- Closed construction that prevents dirt from being left behind and minimizes the risk of virus development. 
- High-quality powder coating to prevent corrosion.
- Double entrance with automatic closing doors which enhances safety.

Spare parts

Are you looking for spare parts for your BeNomic Star 300? You will find all the required items on our spare parts webpage. You can also obtain parts from our service partners. At and Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online. This way we ensure that you can start working with our machines again as soon as possible.


  • Technical specifications





    BeNomic Star 300

    Dimensions [cm]:


    Length x width


    200 x 63.6


    200 x 73.6


    200 x 78.6

    Wheelbase [cm]


    Min. height [cm]


    Platform length [cm]


    Platform width [cm]


    Max. Standing height [cm]


    Max. Load capacity [kg]


    Max. travel speed on the tube [m/min]


    Voltage [Volt DC]


    Battery capacity [Ah] (5h/20h)


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