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Benomic S-Line

The Benomic S-Line mobile scissor lift is specially developed for the cultivation and care of high-wire crops, with the tallest model extending to a height of 6.6 m. TÜV-certified as compliant with the latest regulations, both the mechanical design and smart control system of the S-Line incorporate new safety features. These ergonomic scissor lifts are also highly user-friendly due to the access from both ends and the controlled descent and soft landing.

The smart control panel with built-in USB port places all control functions at the user’s fingertips, and has a display showing relevant status information. And of course, with a compact, stable and robust construction, the mobile scissor lift is easy to manoeuver on paved floors and paths.

Modern control panel with USB port for mobile phone or fan

Compact, ergonomic design for efficient and flexible work at height.

Optimized distribution of forces in the mechanism for a maximum height of 6.6 m

Dual access with automatically closing gates for maximum safety with standard integrated steel box

Technical specification

Benomic S-Line   
Length [cm]191 191 191 
Width [cm]c.t.c. + 18,6c.t.c. + 18,6c.t.c. + 18,6
Platform length [cm]190190190 
Platform width [cm]464646
Min. height [cm]53 6270
Max. height [cm]350500660
Carrying capacity [kg]250150150
Weight [kg]415445507
Max. speed [m/min]606060
Traction battery [V/Ah]24/159 (20h)24/159 (20h)24/159 (20h)
Rail widths42* - 8042* - 8042* - 80

* At rail width 42,5 the carrying capacity and the maximum height are limited

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