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Benomic EasyTrack

We are introducing our newest crop trolley for all those daily crop activities in greenhouses with no pipe rail system, the Benomic EasyTrack. The Benomic EasyTrack is a pneumatic tyre trolley with electrically driven steering wheels.

No pipe rail needed
Horticultural companies without a pipe rail installation also need electrically driven crop trolleys. Berg Hortimotive has adapted the successful EasyKit just for this purpose. We have replaced the flange rollers with stable pneumatic tyres and we have made the trolley steerable.

Competitive price
The trolley is very competitively priced thanks to the use of existing designs and techniques.

Innovative electric steering
The pneumatic tyre trolleys that are now available on the market are mechanically steered. This is taxing for your employees and reduces efficiency.
Berg has fitted the EasyTrack with innovative solutions so that the trolley can be electrically steered. This improves the working conditions for your employees and the efficiency of the business processes.

Less maintenance
The trolley is constructed from as few components as possible. Thereby reducing your maintenance to a minimum. Maintenance is simple and can be done in-house with the optional service packages. Alternatively, if you prefer you can of course have this done by one of our professional dealers.

Work platform
A spacious workplace which can be fixed at any required height with an ingenious ratchet system. The fencing forms one unit with the platform thereby safeguarding employee safety.

The EasyTrack is extremely easy to handle, both on prepared soil and on the concrete path. Moving the trolley is made easy thanks to the steerable pneumatic tyre wheels.

Technical specifications

Trolley length 190 cm190 cm
Trolley width 75 cm 90 cm
Platform length 116 cm116 cm
Platform width 44,5 cm44,5 cm
Min. platform height 69 cm69 cm
Max. platform height 230 cm280 cm
Step-up height 47 cm47 cm
Carrying capacity 120 kg120 kg
Weight 260 kg270 kg
Max. speed 0-45 m/min0-45 m/min
Traction batteries24V/120 (5h) 
24V/159 (20h)
24V/120 (5h) 
24V/159 (20h)


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