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In greenhouse horticulture, pipe rail trolleys are often used for working at a height, especially in crop care.

Pipe rail trolley developments for crop care are moving forward. Since the first pipe rail trolley was developed by among others Berg Hortimotive, we are continuously pushing the limits of what is possible. And with our in-house engineering and production, we stand for solutions that take your way of working as the starting point.

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Benomic S-Line

The Benomic S-Line mobile scissor lift is specially developed for the cultivation and care of high-wire crops, with the tallest model extending to a height of 6.6 m. TÜV-certified as compliant with the latest regulations, both the mechanical design and smart control system of the S-Line incorporate new safety features.


The star of the Benomic series. Hygienic, economical and competitively priced. Platform height between 54 and 300 cm and a running speed of 5-60 m/min.

Benomic Series

The new standard for pipe rail trolleys. Fast, simple and hygienic. Platform height between 52 and 570 cm and a running speed of 5-60 m/min.

Benomic EasyTrack

The EasyTrack is a simple trolley on pneumatic tyres, but it is electrically powered and with innovative electrical steering.

Benomic EasyKit

The Benomic EasyKit is a simple, affordable pipe rail trolley.
The platform can be manually adjusted between 40 and 280 cm. Its running speed is between 4-40 m/min.

Leaf picker trolley

The Leaf picker trolley gives you the best solution for cutting or breaking your tomato leaves as efficiently as possible. Manoeuvrable and ergonomic.

BRW 150 Series

A classic with strong quality. Platform height between 30 - 150 cm. A running speed of between 5-40 m/min.

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