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BeMatic line

BeMatic line of spraying equipment
Spraying equipment is essential for applying crop protection products in the right place at the right time. The crop is therefore protected from diseases and pests, and crop damage is prevented. Berg Hortimotive supplies both automatic and manual spraying equipment for professional horticulture.

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What type of spraying equipment is right for you?

BeMatic line of spraying equipment

Berg Hortimotive offers a diverse range of BeMatic spraying machines. With this BeMatic linethere is a suitable solution for our customers in every market.


BeMatic Meto SWT

The Meto SWT spraying robot allows you to spray spot by spot.
The touchscreen control panel is user-friendly. With the built-in tank and pump, feed hoses on the concrete path are no longer necessary, which keeps the way clear for other transport in the greenhouse.



BeMatic Meto SW

The Meto SW is our best-selling spraying robot. 
This spray robot is best suited for preventive spraying of your entire greenhouse and crop. Of course, the Meto SW can also be used for spotspraying.


BeMatic Meto Trans

The BeMatic Meto Trans is designed to automatically move the Meto SW spraying robot from path to path. 
By combining the Meto Trans with the Meto SW spray robot, you no longer need to be present in the greenhouse during spraying.


BeMatic EasySpray

The BeMatic EasySpray is our entry level sprayer.
The BeMatic EasySpray is developed for markets where the use of (fully) automatic spraying equipment is irrelevant, but where there is still a need for a good quality sprayer.

Available through (inter)national dealer network
The BeMatic spraying robots are exclusively available through the Berg Hortimotive (inter)national dealer network. More information can be found at: or from one of our dealers.



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